Industrial Designer & Artist

Mariana Arregui is a Mexican artist who has dedicated herself  to create unique and exclusive designs of different products such as: paintings, shoes, jackets, cell phone cases, among others. Her designs are inspired by color, joy and dynamism, always seeking to convey her and her country's essence.


Alebrije Artisan

The David Hernandez studio is a family business dedicated to making Oaxacan Wood Carvings (Alebrijes or Tonas) since 50 years ago, being today the third generation of artisans in this family. All its pieces are handmade, and its designs are based on pre-Hispanic codices of Zapotec origin embodied in protective entities called tonas, these elements represent the legacy of a tradition and way of life transmitted by parents and grandparents. 


Industrial Engineer & Artist

Industrial Engineer and passionate Plastic Artist, dedicated to the creation of hand painted hats and accessories, with original and state-of-the-art designs that reflect the soul of the author.